Conflicts of Interest

President Donald Trump is ripe with conflicts of interest left and right. In fact most of his conflicts of interest stem from the fact that he is not willing to liquidate any of his huge businesses at all. It’s been years since he was elected to the oval office and unsurprisingly these conflicts of interest are still present and still huge talking points amongst those who don’t feel that Trump is fit to be president (in part due to the conflicts of interest, but also due to many other issues).Here we’ll briefly discuss some of the major conflicts of interest when it comes to Donald Trump the businessman and Donald Trump the leader of the free world.

When Trump first became president, his famous Trump tower immediately became a huge talking point due to how he would use the tower as a way of giving high ranking people access to him. Basically, even if Trump wasn’t physically at the tower, buying expensive rooms from the tower was a signal to Trump that whoever bought the room wanted attention from him. Given that Trump still owns Trump tower, it is not surprising that he has a direct line to whoever buys rooms from his tower. This is essentially buying influence in its rawest form, and although the practice is not quite so common anymore, the fact that all of Trump’s towers are still under his control indicates that further potential conflicts of interest can still occur down the line.

The next conflict of interest is not quite as obvious, but it is the influence that he provides to his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. Both of them play a huge role in President Trump’s staff – and although they are more likely than not supremely qualified for the position, the fact that he has given such positions to them out of everyone else reeks of nepotism. By not giving such positions to other equally deserving people, Trump is blatantly revealing that he is more interested in promoting his daughter and son-in-law rather than keep any sort of family ties out of his administration.

And lastly, on the world stage, you cannot deny that Trump’s businesses all run through various countries. So every time Trump decides on tariffs or sanctions, it immediately calls into question whether countries are being targeted by Trump in order to boost his own businesses, or to negatively impact businesses around the globe that are in direct competition with him. Big countries such as China and Russia have made plenty of waves in the news when it comes to Trump’s view towards them, and you can’t help but wonder how Trump’s decisions on U.S. policy towards these countries, along with many others, are being manipulated by his business objectives.

Trump is admittedly the first president who is a truly savvy businessman. That’s part of the reason he won the election over Hilary Clinton, yet another political puppet. But that doesn’t change the fact that everything Trump is scrutinized for potential conflicts of interest, and rightfully so. The president should have our country’s best interests at heart and not his own. Until Trump takes action to mitigate his conflicts of interest, we need to keep old and new such cases as they arise at the forefront of American politics while he is in office!