Mike Pence

Mike Pence is the current vice president in president Trump administration. Pence is a seasoned politician with vast experience in politics has held several positions. Pence is a politician who doesn’t shy away from sensitive matters and attracts equal praise and condemnations on his stands. One of the controversial topics that seem to be part of his political baggage is the stand on gay and women rights. Throughout his political career, Pence has shown a position that suggests he is anti-gay and same marriage group. Pence expresses his stand on gay issues based on his religious belief as strong Christians whose teachings don’t support same-sex relationships and marriage.

In the year 2000 Pence unleashed strong attacks on recognition of gay and their rights. He stated on his campaign websites that Congress should not support any effort to recognize gays. He further said that gay should not be entitled to protections of anti-discrimination laws as those according to an ethnic minority. During his era as the governor of Indiana states pence attracted more controversy on the same issue. This is after signing into law the religious bill that created exemptions for employing and giving services to LGBT people.The proposal caused a huge national uproar and business boycott, and he was forced to amend it.

The controversy on Pence legislative agenda against LGBT people dint end there. One year after the religious bill kicked storm in the nation Pence was at it again. Together with other legislatures,they attempted to pass several anti-LGBT laws, but they failed in their attempt. Pence has expressed opposition to LGBT being given federal protections in hate crimes. He has further encouraged stiffer penalties and more in-depth investigations of hate crimes against people who support LGBT agendas. The debate had emerged recently after Olympic gay skater Adam Rippon criticized Mike Pence upon learning that the Vice President would lead the United States delegation for the Winter games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. And despite Pence’s best efforts, he could not limit the public relations damage that Rippon created for him by bringing up all of Pence’s past actions towards the LGBT community once again.

Pence has equally attracted controversy on his stance on women and abortion. In four years as the governor of Indiana, Pence signed eight anti-abortion bills. Some of the laws that Pence passed are considered to be the most extreme in the country and attracted protest and condemnation from women.Pence stated in another controversial statement that working mothers caused stunted growth on their children. He asserted that having women working while the other parent is working created emotionally stunted growth in children. Further on women discrimination Pence is quoted stating that women should not be allowed to join the military.

Mike Pence’s stand on LGBT and women can be seen throughout his political career. There may be a different argument on his stand of these issues, but it is clear he is against gay, lesbian and women. Being the second in command give him a chance to ascend in the highest office. For the LGBT and women, this can be their greatest fear and nightmare. Although pence are becoming president after his boss is a long shot it is still a possibility and given his record much worse can be expected. The bottom line of the debate is all people have their rights, and they should be respected. Pence is