Trump the Liar

President Trump is a liar. At the very least, he has been lying ever since he started running for office. It’s almost comical at this point, until you realize that this man is the leader of the United States of America now, at which point it just makes you sad.

Although he probably was lying a bunch during the Republican primary race, his lies and outrageous falsehoods really became public knowledge when he started facing off against Hillary Clinton. In particular, whenever he debated Clinton, Trump would just spew out lie after lie in order to get his point across. And his base absolutely loved it, despite the fact that almost every single one of the statistics that he used was exaggerated to varying degrees. There’s a reason PolitiFact had given so many of Trump’s statements the rating of “Pants on Fire!”, and that’s because he basically was and still is a habitual liar, particularly during election season.

Now, if we’re being completely honest, all politicians lie to a certain extent. And many, if not all of them end up getting elected to political office. It’s not exactly uncommon. However, unlike Trump, most politicians buckle down and don’t lie quite as often – because they’ve already won the election and can just focus on the issues at hand. But for Trump, he cares less about the issues and more about his ego.

The perfect example of this was at his inauguration ceremony, after which Trump claimed to have so many more attendees that President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony 8 years prior. What was most ridiculous about that was that there was ample image evidence showing that Obama’s ceremony had not just a few more people, but significantly more people. Yet Trump stood by his claims despite being refuted. It’s just absurd. Even when he is proven wrong, Trump will not give up on his lies.

Even years after his inauguration ceremony, Trump is still using lies to only to boost his ego, but also perhaps in an attempt to boost public perception of himself. Trump semi-regularly goes on “victory” tours to maintain support from his base, and every time he goes, he says whatever it takes to get his fanbase to scream and cheer in support. And after the fact, he will typically follow it up with a few Tweets touting how many people came out to support him.

To put it simply, Trump is a compulsive liar in all aspects of his life. He will lie about facts as it pertains to his policies as President. And he will lie about anything else to make himself look better in general. How can we as the American people trust anything that comes out of his mouth when we know that there is a fairly good chance that he is lying to a certain degree almost every time. The President of the United States should maintain at least some moderate threshold of trustworthiness amongst the American people, and it is just a shame that that sort of standard cannot be applied to Trump, which is yet another reason why he is absolutely unfit to be President of the United States.