It is no news to Americans and the entire world that President Trump is a Twitter freak, so to speak. Americans can see what all that Trump posts, no filter, and says what he wants, or shall I say that they can hear what he says often, but they just don’t seem much impressed. Many believe and conclude that Trump does more harm/hurt to himself going unfiltered on social media, especially twitter, whenever he speaks on behalf of himself.

It is also no news that Presidents of the United States of America have over a decade engaged the usage of social media networks to reach out to their people – and the rest of the world – directly, in campaigns, feedbacks, updates, polls, interviews and so on, about their pre-administration policies and happenings, as well as during their tenure in the White House. This was established during the Obama Presidential era, when he flooded social media with all about this deeds and plans. While he resumed the office of the President too, he continued, even more vigorously. However, as the President of the United States, he still gave room for the roles and functions news agenda and media houses would or should perform in the States and in his administration.

Trump’s obsession with the internet via social media platforms, especially twitter, is total unbecoming of a President of the United States based on so many clear-cut facts and findings. An instance is one of his tweets that quotes “The FAKE MSM is working so hard trying to get me not use social media. They hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out”. MSM is Mainstream media. The truth is, they don’t. The press is super excited to cover the latest tweets of the Mr. President and that’s all! But, it’s his big real and personal problem. He floods twitter with his message and all can see, but it is a mess.

Trump has always defended his culture of delivering tweet tirades by hiding under the canopy of claiming that it is away of bypassing “biased” press outlets; even some close members of his cabinet claim so strongly. “I think social media for the President is extremely important”, the Deputy White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed at Monday’s press briefing. She furthered claimed that it is to avoid the “biased” press and speak “directly” to the masses. The truth is, his predecessors have always spoken directly to the public via speeches, side chats and press conferences, and their message clearly understood. Unfortunately, in Trump’s case, his posts on twitter and others are done haphazardly. They cause confusion and ambiguity, rather than clarity and simplicity. They just end up riling people up. Instances of such are in the case of Trump’s critic tweet about London Mayor Sadiq Khan which was off context. But, on the long run, the public praised the Mayor instead of submitting to agreeing with Trump’s outrageous post.

Conclusively, Trump’s posts have media obsession – everyone sees and knows about it – which has just been flamed by circus (that is the daily White House Briefing) that are less fact-based. The reporters, as well as the White House seem not to care about them. All that form the interaction between the press and White House are now story-based, not content-based or of substance anymore. Trump has now been seen to be doing this unbecoming act as a product of his muse about conducting briefings himself, or perhaps using this to bypass the press totally. This is really outrageous and unethical – truly unbecoming for Trump as a President. After all, he isn’t the first US President and won’t be the last.