Donald Trump’s presidency and life in general has been filled with controversy, routed from his discrimination towards women and people of color, the two kinds of people that he feels deserve no form of respect. We all have heard of the controversial tape that surfaced during his campaign, in which we could hear him say that if you have money, women will throw themselves at you and you should just grab them by the [expletive]. Not to forget how his Twitter account is just full of abuse and deliberate attacks towards various women.

There is one thing that annoys Trump more than just women though, and that is a woman that he cannot control. Take the case of Omarosa Manigault Newman, a woman who represents everything Trump hates: a successful black woman who is not afraid of Trump. He had her fired after she threatened to out his bigotry slurs, and then he called her a dog when he heard of her new book.

However, this is not the first time he ever called a woman a dog. A couple of years ago, a New York Times columnist, Gail Collins, reported having a received a copy of one her latest columns from Trump. The column, which referred to Trump as a financially embattled thousand ire, had her face circled along with the words “The face of a dog” scribbled alongside it.

The thing about Trump that makes him terrible when it comes to women, is that he has this egotistical belief that he possesses power and should therefore command respect from those inferior to him, which includes all women, while at the same time believing that those inferior people such as women do not deserve respect back. Much like a dildo (or any other type of sex toy for that matter), Trump views women as objects solely meant to fulfill his desires and otherwise have no purpose or value.

When faced with abuse claims towards various women, he is not fettered as he says that that should be the true order of things, and that the women should have no say in anything as they are only subordinates.

Trump is used to critics in general, but critical views coming from a woman will frustrate him and cause him to create sexist backlash towards them. Women of color receive an even bigger backlash as in the case of Maxine Waters and Carmen Yulin Cruz.

A relatively recent development in his cause against women is his plan to deny women of their right of access to birth control. Birth control for women is important as it helps them to keep charge of their bodies, among other uses such as the control of heavy menstrual periods. Not to forget in 2016 when he said women should be punished for seeking abortion, though he later changed it to be the doctors performing the abortions getting punished instead.

If that’s not enough, here’s a few rapid fire bullet points of when Trump was horrible to women:

There’s the instances in which he joked of dating or having sex with his daughter Ivanka, along with making generally uncomfortable sexual comments toward her.

And then there was 1972 in which he said in an interview with New York Magazine that “You have to treat [women] like [expletive]”.

In 2011, during a court hearing, he referred to breastfeeding as being disgusting, which was in reference to lawyer Elizabeth Beck requesting for a break to breastfeed her three-month old daughter.

And when he was on The Apprentice, he was reported to have rated women by the size of their breasts, while speculating out loud about how sex with them would be like. He even suggested that the female contestants wear shorter dresses and show more cleavage.

Now after all that, do you really think Trump is even remotely fit to be President of the United States?